Saturday, November 9, 2013

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
                                 Coco Chanel

And in fact this  is the hardest thing  we  all tray to be different but not weird.  Is really the body shape matters or all is  state of the mind and perception about ourselves? Looking for an answer I started my research. Most of the fashion magazines and web sides advise how certain body type should be dressed in order of catching attention to the most beautiful parts of  it... but almost no one gives suggestions  how to achieve that self-confidant  state of the mind and  getting  comfortable in our own skin... Here I am... in a full glory of apple shaped curves. Certainly not the popular image of a model, there for different... automatically irreplaceable ...:)  So dear ladies the  inner beauty and confidence are  the ones that counts the most. The purpose of this diary type of blogging is to help all ladies ( of any shape, size, race and age ) to achieve higher self respect and comfort ability in terms of fashion and self esteem. The blog is created as an addition to one of my pinterest dash boards.

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